Web Shop Terms of Delivery


Effective as of 1 January, 2017.


General about the web shop


The products sold in the web shop are sold by TouchPoint Oy (Finnish company registry code 2228022-6). The products available for purchase are sold only for registered traders or businesses in Finland (generally ”company”). Product prices do not contain the value added tax. An order’s final sum includes VAT. TouchPoint Oy reserves all rights to modify product prices and delivery fees.




Products are primarily ordered through the internet at XXXXXXX by adding them to the shopping cart. A prerequisite for ordering isthat the company registers as a customer either through the web shop or by contacting TouchPoint Oy.


The buyer agrees to the delivery terms effective at the time of each individual order.


Order confimation


We will send an order confirmation through email, that contains the following information:


Reference number


Our bank account information


Final sum of the invoice


You can always check the content of your order through the My Account –page in our web shop.









We do not supply the goods cash on delivery. We deal in order to trade the opening hours of when the payment is made. If a fixed amount is bank credit transfer, we charge 5 working days, after which the order will expire, if payment has not been completed.


Delivery time


We ship products every working day.


Any irregularities in delivery times are informed to the customer.


Delivery method and costs


Delivery costs include postal and packing costs. You can check your delivery costs after having chosen a payment and delivery method. We deliver orders as packages or maxi-letters. Only a package can be followed with a tracking code.


For more information on postal payments and delivery methods please refer to http://www.posti.fi/


The right to refuse an order

Touch Point has the right to refuse an order if necessary.

Delivery of the product

You accept your order by pressing the "go to pay" button on the order stage. After this, you can no longer be changed at any online store orders.

To learn to accept orders for electronic order confirmation, which you can check the details of your order. Keep the order confirmation for future reference. For example, you can print an order confirmation online store.

Delivery methods and expenses

Just subscribe to the product supplied WHERE TO?

Shipping cost is 10 € (incl. 24% VAT) / order. Product delivery costs will normally be the payment of a product / products in the context.

Order Limitations

Touchpoint online shop can shop only persons aged 15 and over.

Touch Point feature for supplying products only in Finland.


Force majeure

Touchpoint Services is not responsible for any delays or damages arising from outside its control barrier, which it could not reasonably have foreseen or the consequences of which can not be avoided. Force majeure shall be deemed such. of industrial action, staff illness, import and export bans, as well as disturbances in transport. If the force majeure continues for more than three months, as well as the Touch Point feature for the customer the right to cancel orders without any compensation or penalties for delay.

Amendments to the Conditions

Touchpoint Services can not change the order and delivery terms and conditions, for example due to changes in the law. The latest information can be found in changes in the ordering and delivery terms. You can see the latest update data ordering and delivery terms at the top left side of the date.

Return policy


Touch Point Oy's e-commerce products are only sold to traders, which the Consumer Protection Act is not suitable for trading. However, the Touch Point Ltd guarantees the following return policy:


?? (costs)


Connect the return the following information:


customer number, name, address and phone number


bank account


as well as a copy of the Touch Point OY order confirmation


Return address:

Touchpoint Ltd

Kiviaidankatu 2B, 3rd Flr

00210 Helsinki


We do not accept returns after 14 days from delivery. Once the return is accepted, the money will be returned to your bank account after the return receipt and processing.

In case of problems


If a package has disappeared or been damaged during delivery or the customer has been delivered the wrong product, the customer should immediately contact info@TouchPoint.fi or send mail to:


TouchPoint Oy

Kiviaidankatu 2B, 3. Krs

00210 Helsinki


Notification of a flawed delivery or product shall be made within 14 days of taking delivery. If the package has been damaged during postal delivery, the customer shall immediately notify the postal service (Posti) of the matter.


Other information


We withhold the right to change our delivery terms. The customer should always familiarize themself with the delivery terms applicable at the time of purchase.


TouchPoint Oy handles all customer information as confidential.

TouchPoint Oy commits to not hand over any customer information to any third parties.